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Iā€™m a burnt-out product manager who believes that burnout can be reduced by maximizing the state of flow, sense of achievement, finishing work day on time, and disengaging from work.


To maximize the number of product managers that experience life outside work.

Find life outside work.

Pre story

I work for a tech company that has been in the business since 2008 and has scaled to over a thousand employees.

As an international PM, I act like a funnel overlooking not only multiple product areas of our flagship product but also overlooking multiple products. Moreover, we are expanding the portfolio of products every year.

My brain cannot effectively store that much context in short memory, and when it tries, it fills the daily maximum cognitive load to the limit. Staying in such a state for a prolonged period leads to a sense of doom, also known as burnout and depression.

I assume that enough product managers in the world have similar experiences. I aim to solve this problem for myself and others in similar situations.

I am looking for product managers that experience this. Please submit your experience by logging in with LinkedIn.

Our hypothesis is that increasing certainty that we are working on the highest leverage items should lead to a reduction of stress as you can see the track record of relying on AI.

Reducing the anxiety of missing important updates will lead to a reduction in context switching. Context switching is very taxing on the brain resources which have limits for the day.